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Super Boxing League to begin on July 7, feature eight teams

Publication - India

Source - Mahim Gupta

Edition - Online Web

Publish Date - 9 May 2017

Language - English

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In continuing with the trend of sports leagues in India, the Super Boxing League (SPL) will begin on July 7. The league will run for over a month and conclude on August 12. It will have eight teams and 96 boxers take part. The league is being organised by British businessman Bill Dosanjh and famous Brit boxer Amir Khan. There was an event held in Mumbai on Monday which shed more light on how the league would pan out.Dosanjh was quoted to be saying, "Today's event represents a huge step towards delivering our vision of creating an inspirational international level of contact sports in India."

He further added, "It's a great feeling to see a concept taking shape and today we have eight teams with the best of industry partners owning them. I am thankful to all team owners for believing in our vision and joining hands in delivering something which will soon be a symbol of aspiration for many young pugilists across the globe."Meanwhile, Amir also spoke and said, "Long-term partnerships work best for both the brand and the team, where they draw from each other's vigour. SBL is going to be a big leap in the history of boxing and I am confident that it will become one of the most coveted titles in boxing in the years to come."